Fight Symptoms at the SourceHormone Balancing

Fight Symptoms at the Source with Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement (BHRT), the safe and natural alternative to conventional hormone replacement therapy!
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Keep Your Heart HealthyCardiovascular Health

Specializing in cardiovascular health, The Regenerative Medicine Center offers comprehensive cardiovascular exams and teaches patients how to stay heart healthy by making healthy lifestyle choices, along with uniquely tailored Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT).
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Lose Weight for LifeObesity

Come to the Regenerative Medicine Center to learn the health risks associated with obesity and start losing weight for life with our customized body composition medical programs!
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Build Stronger BonesOsteoporosis

Osteoporosis strikes many as they age, but it can be prevented! Come to the Regenerative Medicine Center and learn how to build stronger bones and protect yourself against Osteoporosis and other age-related illnesses.
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Regenerative Medicine Center

Welcome to The Regenerative Medicine Center, Alabama's leading comprehensive functional health center offering patients a variety of not only traditional but uniquely personalized treatments and services to help combat the symptoms of aging, increase longevity, and optimize quality of health encompassing mental, emotional and physical well being.

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We offer a variety of services and treatments to address, manage or correct the undesirable signs and symptoms of aging. Common conditions treated include Osteoporosis, Obesity, Cancer, Fibromyalgia and Diabetes, as well as those related to Cardiovascular Health and Brain Function. We also offer hormonal balancing to aid in prevention and treatment of many conditions. Vitamins and supplements are also utilized to optimize your ongoing health.

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I have been seeing Dr. Z at Regenerative Medicine since June 2012 and couldn't be more excited with my results. Dr. Z's holistic approach of hormone replacement, vitamins, minerals, diet and exercise have yielded greater energy, endurance, alertness, better sleep, ... Mike R.
I would like to thank you for how you have improved the quality of my life with your hormone replacement therapy. Since I began treatment under your program over a year and a half ago, many parts of my life have changed... Neil A.
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